Hi, I'm Pax! 👋🏻

Welcome to my digital garden.

This is my space on the internet where I share ideas in progress. It's my public workspace and an experiment in what's known as digital gardening.

I believe writing is thinking, so these notes are written for myself to aid my thinking, learning, and creating.


All of the notes are work in progress. If you don't understand the notes, its because they are made so. The notes might not make much sense to you because of lack of context.

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The Coming Wave
The Art of Focus
Hidden Potential
Hacking with macOS
Be Useful

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My Goals

Gain 20 Kgs WeightDecember 31, 2024
12% completed
Read 50 BooksDecember 31, 2024
10% completed
100 Youtube VideosDecember 31, 2024
7% completed