Pax's Second Brain🧠

Hi! I'm Pax🥬

Welcome to my digital garden🌱 or my Second brain🧠

This is a place where I share all of my notes. Most of these notes are my ideas in progress. These notes are inspired from Niklas Luhman's [[Zettelkasten System]].

How to navigate my [[second brain]]🧠?

These notes are "choose your adventure". There is no index of these notes anywhere. You can start with a note and start diving deep into a diverse ecosystem of ideas. Or You can search for topics that interests you and see where they lead you

Here's a good way to start:


You are free to roam anywhere from here. But remember, some ideas or notes might be difficult to understand. It's because these notes are not written for you. They are written for myself. To aid and evolve my thinking, to help me learn, to create and explore ideas.

The purpose of writing and publishing these notes is to practice [[Learning in public]] & [[building in public]].

If any of the note resonates with you, be it positive or negative, ping me on(Twitter).

This was last updated on March 26,2022.

Hi! I'm Pax🥬