Talk Like TED

Title: Talk Like TED
Author: Carmine Gallo
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Ideas are the currency of 21st century. An idea, if correctly packaged and delivered can change the world. No matter what you do in life, sales is an important part of life.

If you want to succeed in life, you have to be able to deliver TED- worthy presentations. You have to learn to be able to sell your ideas to other peoples.

You will sabotage your potential if you can't communicate your ideas.

People look for ideas. People look for inspiration. People want to be shaken from their roots. People want to change. But its not easy. It doesn't matter how good your ideas if you can't inspire anyone else with your ideas.

The Three elements of shareworthy ideas

Be passionate About Your ideas

Passion can be seen. It can be felt. Passionate, powerful and inspiring communication moves and shapes us. Passion is contagious. You shouldn't feel like you are doing a job. When you are obsessed and passionate about something, it can be seen in your eyes. Passion is not your interest or your hobby. It is something that is intensely meaningful and core to your identity. It is what makes your heart sing.

Passion is something that you can't help yourself thinking about, talking about, and acting on it, and sharing with other people.

You can't inspire others unless you are inspired yourself.

Be fired up about the idea that you are talking about. Successful speakers have a charisma and it is directly associate with the level of passion he has for the ideas he shares.

The pasion and expertise you have for your topic directly impacts your communication presence.

When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds. Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world.

Don't be selfish. When your motives are alturistic and helping others with your ideas, you're less likely to face any short of nervousness when delivering presentations.

Most people will fail to land a great job or enjoy a great career because they are afraid to follow their passion. Find and use your passion and you’ll have a great career. Don’t do it and you won’t. “You’re afraid to pursue your passion. You’re afraid to look ridiculous. You’re afraid to try. You’re afraid you may fail.”

If you don't believe in what you're saying, your audience can sense it.

Tell Stories

Stories help to reach people's mind. Stories can reach their hearts. Good, authentic stories can stimulate and engage the brain. Storytelling is what breaks the wall between you and your audience.

Stories can help you persuade people. Simple logic won't work here. You have to touch the emotional, personal side. Stories can take people on a ride. They can time-travel.

Stories are always in your life. All you have to do is take a look around.

Here are different types of stories that you can tell:

Stories help to effectively transfer ideas with your audience.

Practice Relentlessly

Great speakers are not naturally great. They have practiced relentlessly. They have written, rewritten, and did presented in private 100s of times. Practice your presentation infront of people, as well as alone. Record yourself and watch it back.

Rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse.

Put in your time. Your ideas are worth the effort.

There are following three things that you need to control in your presentations:

Don't deliver presentation. Have conversations. Talk like you would with a friend. And it will not come naturally. You'll have to practice for it.

Use gestures to make your arguments even stronger. Move your body. Walk like a leader. This gives the audience confidence in the speaker.

You should reinforce your messsages with powerful guestures. Move with purpose. Use gestures with purpose.

Energized movements can change the state of your mind as well as the mind of people around you.

Teach something new

With your presentation, you should take your audience to a new world. You should reveal information that is completely new to your audience, or packaged differently, or that offers a new and novel way to solve and old problem.

The human brain loves novelty. You just have to feed the naturally curious mind.

Learning new things is addictive. It's necessary for human evolution and for the survival of the species.

People crave knowledge. Learning something new activates the same reward arewas of the brain as do drugs and gambling.

Make your ideas new and interesting. Even the best ideas will fail to engage audience, if they are not packaged effectively.

Give your brain new expereinces. Our brain is lazy. But when it gets new information, it will switch to active mode. It will break the pattern in the brain.

People want to learn. They want to know. But most don't know that they want to know. They haven't yet tapped into their craving for knowledge.

Give something for people to take away. Write a twitter friendly headline or the idea that is easily sharable.

Deliver Jaw-Dropping Moments

The brain doesn't pay attention to average things, boring things. You have to deliver a shocking, impressive or surprising moment that is moving and memorable. Your statement should evoke and emotion in the audience.

You need evidence, data, and statistics to back up your argument. Never leave your statistics dangling though. Add a context to your statistics. Add stories. Stories can create a great impact on your audience.

Build Your Message Map

People get bored when they don't know where they are going. Break down your presentation into key messages. Divide your content into three categories. Stick to the rule of three. Add supporting points to each of your messages. This points can be stories, examples, anecdotes, or meanigful statistics.

Paint a mental picture

Add more than one of the senses. Your audience will never get bored. If you are always exposing them to mesmerixing images, captivating videos, words, and stoties. Use pictures instead of text wherever you can. Pictures can improve retention by about 65%.

Stay in Your lane

Most people while doing presentation try to become someone who they are not. If you do so, you'll fail to gain the trust of your audience. Don't put an act. You only make an everlasting impression on your audience by being your authentic self.

Don't make your goal to deliver presentation. Make it to inspire, movee and encourage them to dream bigger.

Your ideas will change the direction of your life and potentially change the world. Don't let anything stand in your way. Now, you've understood the theory, and techniques, its time to put it to practice.

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What are the three elements of shareworthy ideas? :: Emotional, Novel, Memorable

What is the importance of passion in communication? :: Passionate communication is powerful, inspiring, and contagious.

Why are stories important in presentations? :: Stories engage the audience emotionally and help transfer ideas effectively.

What are the three things you need to control in your presentations? :: Rate, Pitch, Pauses

Why is it important to teach something new in your presentation? :: New and interesting ideas engage and activate the brain.

What is the purpose of delivering jaw-dropping moments in a presentation? :: To grab the audience's attention and create a memorable impression.

What is the rule of three in building a message map? :: Divide your content into three categories and stick to three key messages.

How can you improve retention in your presentation? :: Use pictures instead of text and engage multiple senses.

What is the importance of being your authentic self in a presentation? :: Being authentic helps gain the trust of the audience and make a lasting impression.