Hell Yeah Or No

Title: How to live: 27 conflicting answers and one weird conclusion
Author: Derek Sivers
Type: #litnote #todevelop #book
Topics: Life Lessons Personal Development

Be Independent


Most people lack commitment. No choice is great. Your dedication to action makes it so.

Fill Your Senses

Do nothing

You don’t need to be doing something always. Sometimes all you have to do is nothing and it is often the hardest, to not react.

The unintelligent jump to conclusions. The wise just observe.

Think Super-long Term

A few short-term decision can lead to centuries of destruction.

Inter wine With The World

Make Memories

If you can’t remember something, it’s like it never happened. Time flies and one way to capture it is to make memories.

Without memories, you have no sense of self. Making memories is the most important thing you can do with your life. The more memories you create, the longer and richer your life feels.

Master Something

Mastery is the ultimate goal of life. The rich can’t buy it. The impatient can’t rush it. The privileged can’t inherit it. Nobody can steal it. You can only earn it through hard work.

People don’t fail by choosing the wrong path- they fail by not choosing.

Let Randomness Rule

Life is more random than you think. There are no patterns no matter what we think.

Pursue Pain

Life is full of pain and struggles. If avoid suffering, you avoid improvement. If you avoid embarrassment, you avoid success. If you avoid risk, you avoid reward.

Do Whatever You Want Now

Be a Famous Pioneer

Show others that they can also do whatever they want. Be a pioneer. One pioneer can do more than a million humans who live a normal life.

Chase The Future

You will live in the future. So stay on the cutting edge of things so new that they barely exist.

Value Only What Has to Be Endured


Learning is understanding. You get healthy by learning healthy habits, wealthy by learning valuable skills.

If you’re not embarrassed by what you thought last year, you need to learn more and learn at a faster pace.

Follow The Great Book

Book is wiser than you. Find ancient books. Books that have endured the test of time. Because nothing is new. Books written thousands of years ago sound like they could have been written today.

Laugh At Life

Humor means using your mind beyond necessity, beyond reality, for both noticing and imagining.

Prepare For The Worst

Live For Others

Focusing on oneself is short-sighted. It ignores the benefits of co-operation. A better strategy is to be helpful and generous. You help people around you and they will also care about your well-being.

Even if you are an introvert, being a valuable member of a group is smarter. It's the best way to keep ourselves as well as others safe.

Get Rich

People think money is evil. Not it's not. Money is neutral. Money is what you do with it. It is a sign of freedom and safety, power.

Reinvent Yourself Regularly

Doing what you have always done is bad for your brain. If you don’t change you will age faster and get stuck. Learn to reinvent yourself.



Most ideas are found in the graveyard. Most people die without doing anything. Get every idea out of your head and into reality.

Don’t die

Make a million mistakes

Make change

Balance everything

Every bad thing in life comes from extremes. So avoid it. People focus on wealth completely ignoring their health. They are focused on the present completely ignoring their future.